Reasons to Hire a Tax Attorney

T5All businesses and estates are required to file their returns to the International Revenue Services agency every year. It is important for every business to avoid taxation errors at all costs because they draw the interest of IRS and may lead to additional tax interests and penalties. One can represent themselves and their businesses when facing the IRS but it is advisable to hire an international tax attorney to help you out when you have IRS troubles. Throughout Washington D.C, Klug Law Office PPLC has experienced lawyers to help you when facing the IRS for an audit or when in need of any tax related advice.

A business tax attorney will help your business maximize its return of investment by advising on areas such as the right type of entity for your business and on how to structure your business transactions in a manner that will reduce taxation. You may read the IRS code for a thousand times without knowing how to apply its contents to your tax case but the taxation lawyers have enough experience in the code that enables them to deal with any IRS matter.

Hiring an international tax attorney means that you have an intermediary to represent you in tax matters. You may not have enough knowledge about taxation to enable you speak with the IRS agents or answer their questions clearly. The lawyers know how to answer questions asked by IRS agents and also the information they should give for tax case. They will also take care of all communications with the IRS from phone calls to letters to ensure that you don’t incriminate yourself for giving inaccurate information.

Filling IRS returns is also another challenge for most businesses. Late submissions leads to heavy penalties and the failure to submit can attract the attention of IRS because they will suspect that you are evading taxes. Taxation lawyers will always ensure that you have filed your returns in time and will also help you when you are late by requesting an extension for filing. The task of filing late returns is better handled by attorneys because the IRS will always request for an explanation.

Another benefit of using the services of an international tax lawyer Christopher Klug is that they can assist you in estate taxation and inheritance. A tax lawyer is beneficial in helping you come up with estate-planning strategies that will help you get exemptions from estate taxes. After you die, your heirs will be required to pay an estate tax for what they have inherited. When it comes to inheritance, the attorneys will help you pay for the estate taxes before you pass them to your heirs. This ensures that the recipients will get a smooth handing over of the estates.


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